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Could you help me with fblit, systempatch, afa_os ?

What should I do to make most out of my system? I have Blizzard060 and 32m ram

I have OS3.9 installed want programs and icons to use fastmem but can't make it happen. Tried WbCtrl but Chipmem keeps dropping and crashing when using IBrowse.

I never used AGA for Workbench usage after I got my fits BPPC and BVision. So I'm unfamiliar with the patches needed.

Could you post an optimized Startup-Sequence ?

Installed Afa_Os but cant see the afaprefs icon in the prefs drawer although the ınfo fıle ıs there. Using fblit and ftext. When I start systempatch, I see corruption when dragging icons etc. Using a 1024*768-32 screenmode on my M1438 and connected to internet (at last)
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