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Thanks for your help LordBug

Looking at your settings, there's 2 differences, those being 020+FPU and CPU/Chipset timing set to 1-4....

My config is as follows:

Ram: 2mb Chip, 8mb Fast, 1mb Slow, 512mb Z3 Fast, 32mb RTG
Rom: Kickstart 3.1 (40.069) (A1200) (Commodore) (1993)
CPU: 68040. Fastest Possible but maintain chipset timing..No JIT (I've never touched JIT, so I have no idea if it's good or not)
Misc: BSD Socket Library Emulation
Chipset: AGA. Immediate Blits. Fast Copper. Collision Level: Full
Sound: Enabled. 100% Accurate. Sound Buffer 3

Out of all that, the only thing I need to change to get the demo running is the chipset timing...The CPU can stay at 68040, but when I change the chipset timing to 4 (didn't try the others), it works....

But...I also lose the video at the second spelling part...It is definately a shame. I really like this demo.

I know the demo works fine on a real Amiga because I used to watch it alot years ago

If anyone else can help, I (and possibly even Lordbug), would appreciate it

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