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Originally Posted by Frog View Post
I think the best ripper for windows is Jaeder Naub (latest download) Jaeder Naub Wiki

You can also find few tools on Keygen Music Homepage but they're mostly designed for PC stuff.

Anyway for Amiga music, the best ripper is definitively ExoticRipper. BTW i'm not sure but i think you can directly unpacked the file of Magic Pockets, it's far better than a WinUae memory dump.
You can load the dsk with Track2File and see if it know any file header and unpack/Save them on the fly.
thanks for the info. I've already used the diskimage and wrip + decrunch RNC bits, but I never met modules, maybe the main one but not sure.
You're right it's usually better to rip from files, and I do that, but mostly with PC versions of games (because the files are real and have a meaningful name).
I have ripped most of the stuff of Magic Pockets (level layout) but the music is still a mystery. I'll try Exotic Ripper, thanks
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