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AtariST games to Amiga conversions list


When I see an Amiga game I often wonder if it is a game made for Atari and later ported/converted to Amiga (The same thing happens to me with MSX and Amstrad games, but here it is easier to recognize conversions from ZX Spectrum!).
For example, I missed MegaTwins/Amiga so I tried it, unfortunately the game is not great, and I discovered that it is a game converted from the AtariST version, made without any improvement/enhancement.

So, Where can I find a list of Amiga games directly converted from AtariST version? (but without any improvements, i.e.: Ghouls 'n' Ghost).

I've searched in the forum but I found a list of exclusive games for the Amiga, what I'm looking for is different!

now I remember the following titles:

Ghouls 'n' Ghost
Mega Twins
Final Fight

Of course, this list is valid only for games made for both platforms!


How can I check if a game was a direct conversion from AtariST? I had thought to proceed like this:
(1) Run the AtariST version and see if the game is really the same in both gameplay and graphics (of course sound never would be).
(2) make a screenshot of the Amiga game and check it with PersonalPaint/PaintShopPro to verify if the number of colors used is <= 16 (while an Amiga game should use typically about 32) (Obviously, being careful to remove any gradients created by the amiga copper).
(3) Check the developer/programmer is the same for both.
(4) Verify that the date of release of the Amiga version is higher than the Atari version.
(5) Search the web for any info about the game =)
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