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Originally Posted by rhester72 View Post
It really is awesome that OS4 can be rebooted in ten seconds. Trouble is, once having done so...what then? See my point?Rodney
Well put. I think one of the reasons that we remember the AmigaOS so fondly is it had the "basic tools", and it allowed you to use several of them at once, something that was a pipe dream on other common systems at the time.

But the definition of "basic tools" has changed. Nowadays, a solid office suite, a modern browser, and drivers for common hardware (video, sound, printers, cameras, etc.) is a must. Oddly enough, these have been poorly represented in the Amiga world. It's a shame, really. I think an Amiga with a decent office suite (maybe a port of the newest Koffice or Open Office?) and a competent browser (current offerings are lacking) preconfigured out of the box and at a reasonable price would sell. As a very, very small niche market, but you don't have to have a huge slice of the pie to make money- it's a big pie.
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