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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
This would be my ideal machine, simply because OS4 begs to be used as even today it is still superior to Win7 and OS X on Mac.

10s shutdown and reboot to full desktop and no hd thrashing/continued stealth loading of OS is impressive. As is installing things to a RAM drive which leave zero impact to your machine after reboot...javascript virus/trojan protection anyone?
With all due

Sometimes we tend to lose sight of the fact that an operating system is a *utility* - merely a means of lauching _real_ apps and doing routine "housekeeping", nothing more.

There are various bells and whistles designed to make things load faster, look prettier, etc., but in the end, all that matters to me is the breadth and depth of the available software library...and like BeOS (which I considered architecturally vastly superior to Windows 95/98), the sad truth is that OS4 has no apps to speak of (certainly no "killer app") and will never have enough market penetration for anyone outside of niche hobbyist programmers and the independently wealthy to develop for.

It really is awesome that OS4 can be rebooted in ten seconds. Trouble is, once having done so...what then? See my point?

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