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Once you install FullPalette, it allows you to edit and lock any of the Workbench colours. The advantage of locking your palette is it lets you remap all your images in advance so they load and display faster, and it won't change your onscreen colours whenever a program feels like it.

The program itself works just like any other palette editor, giving you sliders for Red, Blue and Green values. You can load and save a palette for other people to use, and after years of work refining it, Rebel has come up with the perfect 16 colour palette for all Amigas. Try it and you'll see that Magic Workbench, NewIcons, Iconographics, GlowIcons and most other iconsets remap quite nicely to it, all MUI programs, and all your Workbench games and applications find the colours they need. It works well for remapping all sorts of images for wallpapers or websites.

I've even written a program that opens a public screen using this locked palette, so you can open MUI apps and other programs whose GUI uses this palette on a screen other than Workbench, something a lot of programs have trouble with, bringing in their own horrible looking random palettes (often including bright magenta, cyan, a few shades of black and other useless colours).
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