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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
For me 90% of games with checksums or ingame checks, don't works correctly (especially first versions, most of cracks was fixed later), f.e.:
Project X, Elf, First Samurai, Project X SE, Dungeon Master, Evil's Doom, Breathless, King's Quest 6, Soccer Kid ECS, Hired Guns, Jetstrike ECS/AGA, almost all Silmarils games, all Level 9 games etc.
Due I have sclerosis (or something similar), present I don't remember more titles.
I have to agree with Galahad, sure, there were cracks that didn't really work but well, I still say the majority of the cracks worked fine. And as you also say, many were fixed back the in the day once it was found they didn't work properly so they still count as working cracks in my book.

Originally Posted by Don_Adan
Project X SE
What was wrong with the Ministry version?

Originally Posted by Don_Adan
almost all Silmarils games
Most of them were cracked by Mok and I don't remember any problems.
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