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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
FLT cracks (?) too:

1. SleepWalker ECS
2. Jurassic Park AGA (PDX ECS/AGA versions too)
3. Hook (someone fixed it later)

Seems no specialist for RNC copylocks.
But emphatically not fucked up by me though eh?

Sleepwalker 'crack' was a joke, I think it was Bob Duncan/FLT that broke the cardinal rule of not storing the serial key even though in the code you could clearly see it being stored for later.

Hook was a special one off case as far as Copylock goes, the programmer requested Rob Northen do something out of the ordinary, and because the common way of cracking Copylock was to decrypt it and force the serial key and bypass the disk check, this is why it didn't work because the programmer requested extra code in the disk check part which was obviously skipped.

And yes, I was the one that cracked it 100% as well, but no I did not release it first time around.

You irked me because you said "Lots of cracks didn't work properly", which clearly is misinformed bollocks frankly. Of the many, many cracks Fairlight released, you've found 3! How does that equate to 'lots'?

SOME cracks didn't work properly, but lots? No!
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