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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
The best Amiga controller is the CD32 Controller, its my most favorite joypad of all time. Its so misunderstood, .
Seriously? When I had one I thought it was bloody awful. It had a horrible cheap and nasty feel to the plastic and the stick-on d-pad cover kept sliding out of position when the heat from your thumb warmed up the glue too much. Definitely up there as one of the worst pads I've used.

I see a lot of people who really like the MD pad as well. I always found the plastic of the d-pad on these uncomfortably hard and angular for the thumb, and the buttons were too big and loose.

I think the SNES pad is the best pad I've used over the years. It's a nice size, it has a high quality feel and is solidly built, and the d-pad is comfortable and responsive.
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