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Originally Posted by Dreamcast270mhz View Post
Development stopped 3 years ago, I'd recommend using AMithlon, even tho its older
I actually got it to work, although I think theres still some oddness under VirtualBox. When you say development stopped 3 years ago, isnt the real issue the UAE emulator that it runs on? It may be out of date, but it could be updated with a more recent copy? I wouldnt think the Linux under the hood matters all that much, even at 3 years old?

That all being said.. he really didnt do much of anything other than create a slimmed down Linux distro and an installer for UAE (no offense meant of course). I suppose one could just manually install Linux and UAE and get the same result. Still would be kinda sweet to put it all in a A2000 or 3000 case
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