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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
I guess if you owned just the one then you stuck up for it, but it's likely i think that more Megadrive owners were jealous than those that owned Snes - and that probably says the most
This is the kind of childish way of thinking that this forum full of adults really lack compared to a lot of other places on the net so I don't think that's the case.

As I said, I had both systems and it was the amiga that got most of my time but I just felt more of the games from the megadrive then the SNES'. I always prefered Sonic over Mario and Streets of Rage series are the best scrolling beat 'm ups ever written in my opinion. Also I don't like Zelda as much as most Nintendo fans just to name a nintendo franchise. Still the game I spend most time on a console ever have to be Streetfighter II turbo on the SNES so yeah.

Actually at the time I bought a SNES it was because I thought it would be a step up over the megadrive and technically it probably was but looking back, trying to look at it objective I just had more fun with the megadrive then I had with the SNES if you don't count SFII turbo. My brother was more attached to the SNES though so I guess sometimes it's just a case of different people different tastes.
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