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As a kid I had both but definitely had more fun with the Megadrive in general if you cancel out the amount of time me and my friends spend on Streetfighter II on the SNES.

Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
Most fun was from the SNES for sure. I could not afford Neo-Geo, which is what I really wanted in my teens.

I saved my ass off getting the Neo Geo and sold it again after about 6 months. This was my first experience with the fact that graphics is not the most important factor in videogaming. Most games where simply just not as good as the SNES and Sega classics and the price of the more okay'ish ones where ridiculous. In my humble opinion most SNK games are vastly overrated. Still it's a cool toy to have with an awesome controlstick, when I see one for cheap with some decent games I might buy one again just for the coolness of the console
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