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plankton: Well, not many owned both consoles, maybe some owned zero - didn't matter as most of us got to play both kinds at a mate's place or rental etc.

My answer definitely has to be SNES. My bro had one, but he lived 140km away, my mate 1km away had a Megadrive, still the SNES got more playtime...

I guess I didn't 'get' Sonic... or, I should be honest, these games that require 'memorizing patterns on maps' have sucked since time immemorial. Or, they need to inspire more awe in order for me to spend that much time on them. And I don't recall any other addictive games on it.

And Neo-Geo were worse than both - unless you're into vertical shoot'em-ups and horizontal beat'em-ups only. No, I really couldn't imagine paying for a Neo-Geo, even for the Metal Slug series. They have excellent design, humor, and graphics, but the playability is standard so that it's "good enough in MAME" if I get the urge...

On SNES I played probably 50 different games, most playtime on SMB, Starfox, Contra III:Alien Rebels, Star Wars, Pocky & Rocky, Castlevania... if they hadn't underpowered it with that feeble CPU many cooler ideas would've been possible on it, I think.
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