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Originally Posted by wlcina View Post

1) can minimig read the adf files (or mount them ? )
It can directly read standard 880 KB ADF files. Extended ADFs are not supported. You can use up to 4 virtual floppy drives.

2) can be WB3.1 installed on minimig as on HDD on real amiga ?
Yes. [ Show youtube player ]

3) can be WINUAE hdd file transfered to minimig ?
Yes, as long as it's in RDB format (image of the whole disk). You can make an image of existing Amiga HDD and use it with the Minimig.

4) can be whdload used with minimig ?
Yes. [ Show youtube player ]

then some compatibility related question: is the minimig 98% compatible with amiga games (ocs/ecs) ?
I know about 2 games which don't work. It may change in a future. The compatibility is ca 99.9%.

what are you feel about minimig? is it good replacement for my Amiga, or should I give up with that ?
It's very convenient to play games and demos directly from the ADF image files. The rest depends on your expectations.
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