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Help: I am thinking about Minimig

I am thinking about buying Minimig, I have some questions, please who do have Minimigs at home, or uses it, please try to help me, if I should buy it or not.

I want minimig to play all possible existing Amiga games, and use my collection of adf (music, samples, savegames and so on), and the whdload collection
so my questions :

1) can minimig read the adf files (or mount them ? )
2) can be WB3.1 installed on minimig as on HDD on real amiga ?
3) can be WINUAE hdd file transfered to minimig ?
4) can be whdload used with minimig ?

then some compatibility related question: is the minimig 98% compatible with amiga games (ocs/ecs) ?

what are you feel about minimig ? is it good replacement for my Amiga, or should I give up with that ?

(anyway if someone wants to sell minimig 4mb, send me a PM, if you give me a good price, I will buy it)
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