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Even more wishful thinking

Akira, I'm always happy with a little bit of elucdation, or even some perspicuity. My point is simple. Using your example of Macromedia. They already do stuff for the PC and Mac. If they do exactly the same programs for the A1, what incentive is there to buy an A1, when they already have a PC or Mac on their desk with Macromedia stuff on already? A superior O/S you say... but tell me this. Would the A1 version be any faster under OS4 on an A1, 600mhz G3 than under Apple OS X on a 1ghz+ G4. Are you sure that the Apple O/S (or even Windoze) is that inefficient? Even if the A1 could match speed, people won't suddenly jump ship, because just about any program they will ever need already exists on their PC/Apple. Both these platforms have a 20 year or more head start on the A1. They are well known and that is what counts. Unfortunately, except in limited circles, the Amiga did not become known as a business oriented computer. Rightly or wrongly, the moniker of 'Games machine' stuck with it for too long.

The A1 does not have any revolutionary hardware under the bonnet, unlike the original Amigas. what is going to get Joe Public interested in this new machine if the apps available don't do anything better than their existing hardware?

Small and fast apps are great, if you run them on low powered machines, but look at the size and prices of hard drives and memory. They are not prohibitively expensive like they were in the 1980's. Small is not so critically important these days. If it was, the PC would never have dominated, because (generally) it's major apps have never been small and efficient. You just buy more cheap ram and a cheap, faster processor. Or a new, cheap PC!

Newtek may be supporting the Amiga, but they also produce PC stuff because they know the Amiga market has and still is shrinking.

I still like the Amiga. I'm still proud of it's small, efficient O/S. But it still takes longer to load and process Jpegs and animations, the games don't compete and hardware is very expensive. I want a flicker fixer and scandoubler, but that will set me back £90. Ouch... and the graphics will still be slow. But I still use it some of the time, because I love it to bits :-)
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