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Originally Posted by plankton View Post
I didn't really think people would defend morrowind but it appears like Oblivion pissed off people so much more that they aren't bothered by morrowind's flaws anymore. Before Oblivion's release I was hoping for it to not have those mentioned flaws related to density and quality of the content because they did exist in morrowind as well. Except the interface thing perhaps but I can't say Morrowind's cluttered windows are any good either. Ok and except moronic level scaling, that didn't exist in morrowind but then again designers couldn't prevent the game become too easy when you were around 5% into the content.

Take this for example: You're in seyda neen, doing fargoth quest, top quality scripting stuff there, finish seyda neen and move to balmora or pelagiad and... nothing like that happens ever again because the initial 5% of the game is properly designed to trick reviewers and the following 95% is just outstretched emptiness with insane gear to be found at totally random locations, hard quests awarding low quality items that sell for 25 gold, if at all, forced voice acting hammering your skull and a broken enchanting/spell system that instantly renders all non-crafted items redundant. That's the kind of random non-design that existed before oblivion.
Your post is a complete and utter joke and makes me wonder whether you've played either game at any degree of duration whatsoever.

"Cluttered windows"... this exposes an immense amount of ignorance on your behalf, since resizing the windows SCALES AND AUTOMATICALLY REARRANGES THE INVENTORY ITEMS, INCLUDING THE PAPER-DOLL. Where is that in Oblivion? Tell me how you can resize, drag, scale and pin any of the inventory and stat mode screens of Oblivion, a game made for consoles with a big, fatass font for huge lounge-room television sets.

"Moronic level-scaling"... It IS utterly moronic to scale the levels of the enemies to that of the character since the character as a result never has to improvise with HARD encounters, and never has the opportunity to laugh at EASY ones. It is completely absurd. If you're a Bosmer marksman or a warrior of Orc/Nord/Redguard race, you can actually SQUAT at LEVEL ONE and complete the whole game, knowing that your attributes and skills are SEVERAL times that of ANY NPC you will EVER FACE. Or you can power level to LEVEL NINE and know you're TEN TIMES the power of any given foe. Why level at all? Just for the Daedric artifacts and Sufferthorn? No, my enemies catch me up if I do that (>=level 20). I know you agree with this but I want to ram the point home so hard.

"Your Fargoth example"... it demonstrates nothing but an un informed opinion of the game. Now I don't consider any TES game a scripting masterpiece: they can't hold a candle to proper RPGs. But there are a few quests even in Seyda Neen of which you are obviously entirely ignorant (tax collector) and if anyone reviewed the game based on the first area, then they're a fool.

"outstretched emptiness"... man, this is a sandbox kind of game, and that's the point! But Morrowind has FAR LESS emptiness than Oblivion, which is nothing but a procedurally generated world of grassy knolls populated with zombies posing as NPCs that Bethesda some how were able to call straight faced "radiant" AI. My face would have contorted in demon fashion telling such a lie.

"forced voice acting"... so having six or seven actors voice 100s of NPCs is some how better than a few generic voices mixed with written dialogue which is 20 or 30 times more complex in syntax. Way to go, man.

"hard quests rewarding jack shit"... you just described Oblivion, not Morrowind. There is no sense of discovery in the tiny Oblivion dungeons but in Morrowind I've had unforgettable moments in ancient and hugely expansive Dwemer and Daedric ruins.

the free roam nature of Morrowind actually has a point because you can find everything between "anything and nothing" within deep dungeons, crypts etc., that are SO remote, but in Oblivion you loot items scaled TO your level, from the corpses of enemies OF your level, and nothing is remote since there is AUTO TRAVEL, so it is POINTLESS.

There is only one reason Oblivion is better than Morrowind, and it was already mentioned by some one else: gfx.

Well, it is just a game, so who cares.
These TES RPGs really are at the bottom compared to the others I've mentioned. :-)
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