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I didn't really think people would defend morrowind but it appears like Oblivion pissed off people so much more that they aren't bothered by morrowind's flaws anymore. Before Oblivion's release I was hoping for it to not have those mentioned flaws related to density and quality of the content because they did exist in morrowind as well. Except the interface thing perhaps but I can't say Morrowind's cluttered windows are any good either. Ok and except moronic level scaling, that didn't exist in morrowind but then again designers couldn't prevent the game become too easy when you were around 5% into the content.

Take this for example: You're in seyda neen, doing fargoth quest, top quality scripting stuff there, finish seyda neen and move to balmora or pelagiad and... nothing like that happens ever again because the initial 5% of the game is properly designed to trick reviewers and the following 95% is just outstretched emptiness with insane gear to be found at totally random locations, hard quests awarding low quality items that sell for 25 gold, if at all, forced voice acting hammering your skull and a broken enchanting/spell system that instantly renders all non-crafted items redundant. That's the kind of random non-design that existed before oblivion.
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