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Hi all,

I hope you enjoy this fast and dirty shot'em up. Bugs will be fixed when we have some spare time

X-Mas Disaster

Our contribution to the First Annual Festive Amiga Game Making Competition. We hope
there is more time than two weeks for the next one . And we hope there are a lot
of entries in every competition too. X-Mas Disaster is a shot'em up for AGA Amigas.


The year is 2999, humanity is ready to celebrate X-mas Eve. But an ugly and angry
alien is going to change this plans. Only Santa Claus can stop him. You play as
the alien, destroy humanity!


You need a Joystick to play the game. Move and shot with it


GFX: Jordi Palome

Programming: Juan A. Gomez and Carlos Peris

GUS Entertainment


Download X-Mas Disaster packed in LHA

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