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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Hey there,

I am running /X on my A1200 and have the 4.9+ full crack on my BBS for download. I tested it, and it worked, but I went back to my old registered 4.3 which as far as I can tell is no different than 4.9. There are some things you may be interested to know.
  • I can only get the BBS to work with telnetd.device and have problems with the system (Well Miami-DX actually) locking up during or after uploads. There is a sysop, Amiga-Digital I believe, that has the telser.device working but I can't get it to work... He says there are no problems with his setup.
  • If you use a stock A1200 IDE interface with a hard disk or compact flash card, your CPU will peg at 100% during all uploads rendering your second node and the rest of your A1200 effectively useless for the duration of the upload.
There are other things but it does work... I have started an Ami-Express Sysops group on facebook if you are interested. Donny (from Uzi-suicide) and I check that frequently and there are some retired legends from the Amiga scene in there as well. Drop by and we will try and get you up and running.

i have never problems with the telser.device
i use amitcp and miami-dx

amitcp i use for the telser.device and miami to connect the amiga on the internet and with that i start amiexpress and it run's

i use telser sins 1998

the only problem that i have are some doors don'y work on the amigaOS3.9 amiexpress will beter runs on the OS3.1

but on os3.9 you can use a big hd for the warez
i use a 160gig ide with a adapter ide-2-scsi , so that the ide be a scsi disk , for the upload i use a 4gig of the 160 the rest are 8gig /X can not see disks bigger than 4gig
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