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Hi Horace and Alkis, please don't think I'm ignoring either of you. I haven't uploaded any of the entries to the website yet because I'm still waiting for everyone to finish up. We're running this contest over four English speaking forums, and I know word has spread to other forums in Germany, Poland and other places around the world. I'm trying to get all the entries together so I can upload them at the same time, that way giving everyone a fair chance to download all of the entries, not just the earlier ones.

Horace your post provided plenty of sufficient information for me to make a readme file from, unless you already put one in the archives (which I haven't checked yet, sorry, but will have to today because I'm still working on the site). So it's all good.

I also haven't personally played any of the games yet, because for one thing, I just haven't had any time! And I have barely slept all week! The other reason is because I actually want to play them all on Christmas day for the first time, just like a real Christmas present.

Please, if anyone is offended by something I did or didn't say, please tell me. I'm sick of not knowing what I've done to offend people.
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