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The basic problem for you of the Vancian system is alleviated some what by the meta-magic feats selectable as you level through 3.5.

The problem is, at least as regards the role playing market, DnD3.5 is dead, too. DnD4.0 has been out a while and although it plays quite smoothly from my tests, it feels like I'm spamming spells in the fashion of a Diablo sorcerer, rather than being careful about when I expend that power, to maximize the effect... for me, a wizard (my preferred class) was always standing in the background, thinking "should I or shouldn't I" (i.e., turn this mess of a battlefield into a sea of flames).

About your dream of these lesser known pen n paper systems being converted to computer games, I was crushed when some deals fell through for GURPS translations in the 1990s. :-(
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