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Originally Posted by Falcon Flight View Post
TOEE = DnD3.5, not ADnD, I'm sure you know that. Base attack bonus is much more intuitive than THAC0 and attributes have a direct relation to saving throws whereas only diminutive races had that in ADnD and they were of little consequence.
But all you have to remember about (physical) combat is the simple formula of THAC0 - AC = to hit number.
Well, AD&D = D&D2 and after that they have gone back to just naming it D&D3, but I'm sure you know that Agreed that it's a tad more intuitive with the attack bonus system, but the basic problem remains at least for me. Since those other systems are pretty much dead concerning a 'mass' market these days, it'll remain a dream to see a computer game based on them though.
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