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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
While I quite like AD&D both in pen & paper aswell as in computer game form, I always found the combat and magic system to be rather quirky. The whole THAC0 and spell slot system is rather odd. On the pen & paper side systems like Rolemaster/MERP and Runequest do a far better job and a turn based system on that would make a realLy neat base for a great RPG combat wise.
To be honest, I much prefer the alternative role playing systems also, like Shadowrun (version 3) and GURPS, but those systems are not popular enough to warrant video or computer game versions, it seems. Let us not speak of the last Shadowrun game, though, OK? ;-)

Again, I agree with the quirkinness of ADnD and the GoldBox/Baldur's Gate etc. did use that system. The whole fire then forget system of magic is derived from famous Vancian novels, and does allow for tactics. In ADnD, a wizard was very often the last resort because he or she was so precious because of the need to sleep to refill the spell slot, but, at least at mid to high levels, the wizard became the last word.

It's all very arbitrary and even defies logic, but there you have it. Very popular.

TOEE = DnD3.5, not ADnD, I'm sure you know that. Base attack bonus is much more intuitive than THAC0 and attributes have a direct relation to saving throws whereas only diminutive races had that in ADnD and they were of little consequence.
But all you have to remember about (physical) combat is the simple formula of THAC0 - AC = to hit number.
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