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Originally Posted by radon_22 View Post
Ah, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I, on the other hand, have wasted countless hours on this game and enjoyed it greatly.

It is a bit of mixture of Oblivion and Jade Empire, taken to the next level. It is a signature Bioware game: great dialogue and combat, lots of moral dilemmas and choices (much like Knights of the Old Republic), and beautiful graphics.
You have to be pulling my leg, man. A signature of Bioware was never great dialogue, just lots of it. Reams and reams of boring text. If you want to see great dialogue, play Planescape. Play Arcanum. Play Fallout and Fallout 2. In the last three games, if you make intelligence a dump stat, it will seriously impede your progress through the game. However, it can be very funny, since people will know you're a dimwit and pity you, giving you things, helping you along. I think it was Fallout, I walked up to this science NPC with my intelligence low (from taking drugs) and all I could say was: "Lol?". No Bioware games punishes or rewards a low intelligence.

As for your moral dilemmas and choices comment, I admit I doubled over at it. There are no moral dilemmas, only choice of good/evil and dark side/light side. No shades of grey. I assume by choice you mean choosing to be Vader or Luke? Lol. If you mean plot choices, there are none in those games that have a basis ON the character's stats; any character can make them.

Bioware games have great combat? Again it is quantity over quality. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bioware's fame began with Baldur's Gate which was based on Dungeons n Dragons? That system is turn based, not real time with a pause button. You don't know great RPG combat until you've played a Troika game, like Temple of Elemental Evil, or some Goldbox game. Even Jagged Alliance 2, though not strictly a role playing game, has more of it than most Bioware garbage. And it also happens to have the greatest turn based combat ever conceived, pissing on even X-Com.
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