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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Must have played a different Morrowind then. Content wise it's in a different league than Oblivion or Fallout 3. Also it 'lacks' the auto level system of Oblivion, which might make it too easy in the later levels, but you get your a$$ handed to you if you stumble in the wrong dungeon at the start. Some will call that a feature, but I hope that sort of 'innovation' has no future. If you don't like Betheda's sandbox games that's fine, but except for the graphics Oblivion is inferior to Morrowind.
This I agree with completely. There are many fundamental problems with Oblivion that were not present in Morrowind, and I will name a few of them. It must be said that most of these issues are a result of dumbing down the game for a console audience.

First, the enemy level scaling. What is the point of levelling up your character if he or she is simply going to scale his or her enemies to the exact same level of power? To put it another way: you never find harder or easier fights in Oblivion, just the same fights with different enemies.

Second, and this goes with the first, again to please a stupider console audience. It is item scaling. What is the point of exploring a gameworld if you're only ever (apart from some Daedric quests) going to find garbage? Gone is the excitement of entering an unknown dungeon and not knowing what's gonna be there. You know you'll find so much crap at low levels, and unbeliebably powerful weapons at higher ones. And it doesn't matter that you're now wearing elven or Daedric armor: your enemies, even if they're lowly bandits, are as well.

Third, is a massive dumbing down of weapons and skills. No more assassin weapons, not even crossbows. No more spears. Oh, and no more axes: you see, they're lumped under "blunt weapons", like short blade and long blade are just "blade".

Forth, an utterly abhorrent GUI. Remember how in Morrowind you could right-click to bring up the inventory/map/stats and then drag around the windows, resize them, pin them etc.? Well, Oblivion was made for consoles that don't have a mouse, so you had to press tab and scroll down. A horrible inventory system, much like KOTOR's (another terrible Bioware game like Jade Empire and Mass Effect.) It seems ever since NWN, Bioware has had problems with fundamental things such as STACKING items in inventories.

Anyway, back to my Oblivion/Morrowind rant for one more.

Fifth and last, the guilds in Oblivion are all inclusive. That is, you can be a kind of warrior but that won't stop you rising through the ranks of every guild. Big, slow, strong, dumb Orc? You're a nimble assassin who can rise through the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guilds, and the Mages Guild.

These five things made me go completely cross-eyed when I saw their implementation. As you can imagine, I could name literally hundreds more stupid design decisions in Oblivion that carried over to Fallout 3, which, though a much better game than Oblivion, is appalling compared to the two first Fallouts in following the premise of that franschise.
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