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Originally Posted by plankton View Post
Oblivion feels like an engine demo, sparsely populated with bits of content. Makes me ask myself why I should bother. Sure it's non linear but also unchallenging, unrewarding and unsatisfactory. Morrowind was worse.
Must have played a different Morrowind then. Content wise it's in a different league than Oblivion or Fallout 3. Also it 'lacks' the auto level system of Oblivion, which might make it too easy in the later levels, but you get your a$$ handed to you if you stumble in the wrong dungeon at the start. Some will call that a feature, but I hope that sort of 'innovation' has no future. If you don't like Betheda's sandbox games that's fine, but except for the graphics Oblivion is inferior to Morrowind.
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