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Smile Hello All from CT

Hello all... I guess I must be going through my mid-life crisis so I decided to breakout my old C128 system. I used to run a fairly active BBS back in the day but I found it didn't have the luster I used to remember(that and the lack of a BBS to call!). I decided to keep in the retro mood and picked up an my first Amiga on eBay. A 500 in great condition with all manuals, PSU, 520 video converter and cables. I has workbench v1.3 (but no software). I thought I got a pretty good deal for $66 but after adventuring to the inside of the case I discovered a BONUS I didn't expect, a Spirit Tech 2 meg memory board! I honestly don't think the previous owner knew or remembered it was installed because it was so cheap. Anyway I'm glad I found this message board and am looking forward to participating and driving you all nuts by asking all the noobie questions(I will have a LOT!)

Here is the system I purchased for $66

and this is the second one I grabbed for the mods


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