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Not so!

All Blitter operations can be interpreted and the Dreamcast GFX processor not the SH1 can plot the gfx........

Seeing as 90% of all Amiga games used the blitter, this would give the processor more time to do copper related stuff.

Anyway, the SNES by comparison to emulate (because the way it operates is more closely linked to PC than Amiga is to PC) means that the Dreamcast should be able to emulate the SNES in its sleep. I simply disagree with whats been said.

My PC absolutely nothing special at all... it really is junk in comparison to the Dreamcast...... Bad programming (or should I say, a lack of understanding on how to get the best from the machine!) is more the point.

I wonder just how much of the original C source code for the SNES emulators has been modified?
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