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Ok, here is the entry for this competition from the halls of Ultimate Amiga - a small dev team have worked hard on this, and we hope you will enjoy it

From the Readme;

- Code / Design / SFX / Character GFX by Hungry Horace
- Concept & Ideas / Additional GFX by Mihcael
- Music by Murlock, adapted by Hungry Horace

100% original code - started from the ground-up on 12/12/09
Coded using AMOS Professional
Music salvaged via Octamed Soundstudio
Graphics created in DPaint V
Based on the original MB 'Simon' Game

Syman is a simple and fun memory game for all the family!
Simply watch the coloured tones played by Syman, and play them back
Playable by up to 4 players simultaneously using the parallel port joystick adaptor.
3 different Gameplay Modes

Up - Red Button
Right - Blue Button
Down - Green Button
Left - Yellow Button
** This game does not check for a mouse plugged in to port 0, and as such it is recommended you disconnect any mice before loading.

LHA Format
ZIP Format
Self-Booting ADF

Due to the limited time of the competition, although the game is kickstart 1.3 compatible, the game (just about) requires 1.5 meg.
Apologies to CD32 users, as a keyboard is still need for menu options.

These will hopefully be fixed in the future
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