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The biggest problem is inherent to all XBOX emulators in that there doesn't appear to be a 280p/288p screen mode and lowres/highres screens are displayed as 567i which results in interlaced artefacts not present on a real Amiga. I doubt very much if you can fix this as no-one in the history of the XBOX homebrew scene ever solved it.

Another more aesthetic problem is the incorrectly emulated border register which results in crap / wrong colour in one or both of the borders. This is fixed in a later version of WinUAE core but I could never work out how to back-port because the changes between versions were extensive.

I now have a much better grasp of TKDIFF and CVS so tracking the changes might be easier than last time I tried. I think there are sources available for most versions of WinUAE dating back to 0827 on the internet.

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