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winuae harddisk sound prob

I was managing to install the whload vers. of Elvira just a week ago in the fab AIAB. I should state it because the others versions that i've tried, the original install too, ALL they had a problem that disabled the input of the mouse.
when i first start the game finally i see that it's playable, but i heard no sound at all. I've booted from another non-AIAB HD and still there was no sound in the air. Notice that thae sound was ok, even if the mouse input was broken by playin it from the ADF.

Later, it came to my mind to check if any sound program in any HD Workbench that i have was producing sound, but NONE wanted to work!!! Sciopero! Strike! Grève! Golpe! It was a lot that i did'nt used the HD vers of the WB, maybe before to install tha last version of Winuae. So there is no other info i can give.
Can you help me?
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