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It's nice to know I'm not alone...Get ready for some of the stupidest questions......

I'm a retreaded amiga user, 1200, 4 gb cf hard drive, cf cardreader and easy adf - thanks Amigakit! and a wont to relive my misspent youth. Amiga games seem (are) more playable than modern equivalents.

I had (still have)an Amiga 500 (expanded to 1Mb) - one of the first into N Ireland way back in the 80's - and believe it or not, just played games. My Idea of expansion was a second 1010 df1 drive!!! and an ( nearly the only one!) of cachet's xcopy. (£29.99 in 1980's money from Lesuresoft in Belfast!) !!)
I for some reason havn't been able to get on with emulators and will as long as it works continue using the real thing.

I've had to struggle with the eccentricities of Amiga CLI and go back to my uni days (Masters in Computer Science !) to relearn (joke!!) 68 assembler . I was brought up on the ZX 81, Spectrum, VIC 20 and 64. I still have 2 64's, 3 1541's various expert, action replay and expert carts and all the rest etc... and a couple of hundred 5.25" disks full of 64 stuff All works too!
( This is an Amiga board but the 64 stuff was fun too!!! )
Thats me folks!

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