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Wow, that's a cool way to use this kind of technology! Are you working on raves and the like or is this some kind life art performance ?
Haven't had an art display yet, I'm planning to do a 3 projector setup soon for media coverage, and getting a bit more exposure of my studio . I use this setup live at nightclubs. I am taking this setup to parties organized by Camel mainly. They bring an international DJ (let's say, hmmm... Carl Cox), and have this video show which is conducted by me.

The AmigaOne does not have a composite video port, but it doesn't have a VGA port either - it just has an AGP slot
Equipped with a gfx card with TV/composite out the A1 is able to do analog video stuff again - even in truecolor this time. The OS and the applications will still be able to handle PAL/NTSC resolutions perfectly of course.
Ahh, smart. You just needa DECENT TV Out card (most suck, they cant even do Overscan! That's what is so lovely about the Amiga too, de-factor overscan modes )

I really want to shove up a video of a live performance on my site, but I'm having space problems right now.
Do you wan to have it published on a magazine CD? I don't know if they're paying for CD contributions (I doubt it) but we could make a feature about your setup... (as long as it's concentrating on the Amiga ). I could translate the stuff, if you're willing to write something. Like to earn some money with your Amiga experience?
$_$ . As I said, mine is a hybrid PC/Amiga setup. If that's OK with you and/or the mag, I would be delighted to tell what we do at the Corporation with such "obsolete" technology . Might open the eyes of some fuckwits who think these machines are/were useless.
I'd record the next performance and make it really very sweet, and we could use that video
BTW here's the thread where I talked about this setup. You have a couple pictures there too:
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