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Hi there prowler,

the floppy idea may have saved me some time transferring fat95 and cfd plus the hard drive formatting program via the serial port if I had looked when I done the CF drives on the 1200 and 600, thankfully I transferred them to an Amiga floppy ready to use on the 600.

On the 1200 I got some games to work but it has 2MB of Ram, I have since bought a 2MB SRAM card for the PCMCIA slot and a hell of a lot more games play great, even some CD32 and AGA titles. I think the thing to do for ease is to buy a similar sort of card, you can then place the games you like on your hard drive from the Compact Flash transfer card and then use the memory card to allow you to play games. That is why I bought my card but I am having to much fun on the 1200 and haven't even tried it out on the 600 yet

You will also notice that using the CF card via the PCMCIA slot uses memory because you need to run the CFD/CF0 program, that is why it would be better to run the games from the hard drive, I have just about given up on the trapdoor expansion for the 600 as its typically around £20 to £25 plus postage for a 1MB expansion card (if you can get one).

The soldering chips idea is handy unless your soldering skills are poor and you damage a chip while soldering it or snap a leg off while preforming them etc. If anything went seriously wrong though there are often motherboards for both the 1200 and 600 on ebay.

"Great, Samsung card is actually working now. I didn`t change anything..."

That's great news have you tried rebooting to see if it is still ok?

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