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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
Hi there prowler,
that's the information I read the other day, I couldn't recall which thread you had put it on but I knew that is was on this site
Hi Allen1,
Don't worry. The problems that arise when formatting 1.44MB floppies for use in an Amiga's 880kB floppy drive have been discussed many times in various threads on EAB. I have posted that or similar information on several occasions.

Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
I got transferred to an earlier post when I sent the last reply, somehow the system thought it was a duplicate posting?
That has happened to me as well. Usually it's when I have hit the 'Submit Reply' button a second time, because the reponse to my original request has been a little slow.

Originally Posted by misjah View Post
Well, I tried formating under winXP/98 and it got stuck.
It works for me here under WinXP SP2.
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