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Well i must admit I have been lurking somewhat for a couple of months now, but have bit the bullet and decided to speak up and say hello. I must say, it is a little intimidating, having read through the forums, the level of expertise and experience some of you guys and girls have is amazing, I shall always remain an enthusiatic amateur. But in particualr the retr0brite forum was amazing. I read it page by page the other week and was entranced, it was great to see how it all developed and came together, a real first for an internet forum for me! My girlfriend didnt quite get it as i tried to explain it to her though. Anyway, I have a couple of 1200s and a 600 I have aquired recently, seem to be failing miserably in my attempts to retr0brite them, (24hours and no change!) (where the hell can you buy xanthan gum on the high street!). Any yorkshire peeps like a bit of swos, would love to see if I'm as good as I think I am. Keep up the good work.
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