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Hi Samurai_Crow, et al.

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Hi RedskullDC,

I think the main objection to using boards like the one you pointed out is that the Natami is designed to have 2 memory buses like the original classic Amigas with Chip RAM and Fast RAM although the CPU-card could have the Fast RAM on-board to simplify the design.
If you look closely at the latest pics, that is exactly what they have done

The 2 TSOP "ISSI" chips on the '060 board are RAMS of some kind.

Bit hard to tell on the baseboard (due to lores pics) but a couple of the BGA chips look like rams of some kind.

Makes sense for the baseboard to present a 14MHz (or 28 perhaps) synchronous bus, in the same way the 1200 does.
CPU card synchronises as required, but runs it's own ram at whatever speed it likes.
Same as virtually every accellerator card already out there for the Amiga (A3630/3640 two exceptions that come to mind).

Looking at the baseboard:

DVI/PCI ports are good.
ATA power connector.
PS/2 ports.

The IDE and Floppy ports on the baseboard are of dubious value, both ageing technology.
SATA would have been much preferrable.

No USB ports (that I can see?) Major negative...

No flames thanks, just my personal opionions...


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