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Hi All,
Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Only way I can see this happening is if they hijack an existing mass produced FPGA platform.
Looking at the most recent pics at:
Basically a baseboard with usual interfaces, plus the CPU card.

I don't have any doubts about their ability to create the hardware.
I do, however, share Alexh's doubts about the project from a financial point of view.

There are plenty of existing FPGA based boards, which are already mass-produced, at low cost, which would serve as the baseboard.
Example (XILINX DSP 1800A):
$295.00 per unit, plenty of goodies on the board.

Wouldn't be too difficult to create an "EXP" based 68060 CPU board to suit the DSP 1800A, at much lower cost, not to mention getting the whole Natami concept to market quicker.
Hell!, I'd by an EXP based '060 card.

Just my two-penneths worth...

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