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Amiga Apps usually feel different. They're small, fast (well, on fast hardware..), extremely configurable and concentrate on the job they're intended to do (we don't have Web browsers that have instant messaging or web design functionality built in).

Additionally, they come with an ARexx port. ARexx has to be one of the most brilliant concepts I've ever seen on any system. Its interprocess communication functionality is still unmatched on any platform I know of. I wouldn't know what to do without ARexx...

Amiga applications are one the main reasons to stick with the Amiga. Of course, we won't have Photoshop (or anything matching its functionality), but I'm quite happy with what is (will be) available.

Perhaps that's what Ian was talking about?


Heh, i'm a maniac, I know
That's for sure

I'm using Videotracker as a live performance videotool. I setup Vidules made of effects/videos/stuff on various scenes and I trigger them live with the joystick. This gets mixed with stuff I display with the PC, created with Flash MX. The other channel is a videocamera shooting live at the place. Works EXCELLENTLY and I cannot replace this tool. I use a Flash MX pseudo-3D routine, but the vector routines in Videotracker cant be beaten. I have HUGE scrollers. Starfields. I can display ANIM5s and fuck aroudn with their colors realtime. This is unmatched by any program on any platform. And yes, it keeps a very retro feel. I like this feel, it makes it unique. Recently Old Fashioned, as a friend of mine would say No new tool can replace what this bitchy does
Wow, that's a cool way to use this kind of technology! Are you working on raves and the like or is this some kind life art performance ?

I wouldnt be able to use RTG ayway. I need the composite output. I'm connecting the Amiga to a video mixer, not directly to a projector (that would take VGA as input).
The AmigaOne does not have a composite video port, but it doesn't have a VGA port either - it just has an AGP slot

Equipped with a gfx card with TV/composite out the A1 is able to do analog video stuff again - even in truecolor this time. The OS and the applications will still be able to handle PAL/NTSC resolutions perfectly of course.

Hmm, so that would mean MediaPoint is useless to me, again Without a composite video port the Amiga becomes a useless videotoy in my setup.
Unfortunately, MediaPointRTG will only be released for OS4, just like most of the new stuff.

I really want to shove up a video of a live performance on my site, but I'm having space problems right now.
Do you wan to have it published on a magazine CD? I don't know if they're paying for CD contributions (I doubt it) but we could make a feature about your setup... (as long as it's concentrating on the Amiga ). I could translate the stuff, if you're willing to write something. Like to earn some money with your Amiga experience?
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