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Wow, I'm happy to see more people joining in!

I think the best idea for now would be for each contestant to upload their finished game to their own space and private message me with a link to the download, or send me an email with the game as an attachment. I will then upload them all to the Amiga Christmas Tree Website, which I am in the process of updating for this year. The website is here - - but at the moment it's still showing last year's page. I intend to replace it with the new one soon!

All entries should be provided as either an LHA archive that can be extracted and run from Workbench, or as an ADF file that can be written back to floppy or run in an emulator. A burnable ISO image for CDTV or CD32 would be fine too. Please provide a ReadMe file with your entry to explain what the game is about and how you made it, this should help people make a fair choice when voting for the games. If you have used any ripped graphics, sound or music please credit your sources, and let us know which language or game maker you used to create the game.

After the new Amiga Christmas Tree page is uploaded, I'll post all new information about the contest there, as well as replying to anyone on the forums. I can be contacted through PM on this forum, or through MSN or email (both are the same address) which you can find out on my profile. Also, if anyone would just like to chat about Amiga stuff, feel free to add me to MSN (I use AmiMSN on my A1200 and SabreMSN on my Aros laptop).

Merry Christmas, and good luck everyone!
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