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Installation of fat95 is done by using the install icon that is in the drawer of the language you select

* Doubleclick that "install_fat95" icon to install.
* Doubleclick the "MS0" (internal floppy) or "MS1" example icons to mount now.
* Or copy them into the DEVS DOSDrivers drawer to auto-mount at system start time.

You should end up with the files mentioned in the drawers L, C and DEVS in your system drawer ie Workbench :-
Workbench l:fat95
Workbench l:install95
Workbench c:SetFileSize
Workbench c:debug95
Workbench c:dd
Workbench c:boot95
Workbench DEVS:Messydisk.device
Workbench DEVS DOSDrivers MS0 ---> will mount itself automatically on bootup if placed here
Workbench DEVS DOSDrivers MS1 ---> will mount itself automatically on bootup if placed here

The cfd instalation
The cfd program archive or drawer if it had been extracted contains 2 more drawers ie C and DEVS.
The contents of C need to go into your hard drives Workbench C folder ie
pcmcia speed

The contents of DEVS need to go into your hard drives Workbench DEVS folder ie

To mount your PCMCIA card double-click DEVS: CF0 (Big Icon) and insert your card, if all went well you should now be able to see a drive Icon and be able to access the card.

SHOW ALL FILES is a must for nearly all of the above and all of the files mentioned are in the fat95.lha anc cfd.lha archives

It is over a month ago when I installed these and set up my 600 and 1200 CF drives plus PCMCIA CF transfer card so try the above method and if you get stuck let me know (same if you manage ok)
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