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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
And in any case, developing games takes a whole lot of things, not least cash.......
Making games doesn't require cash, it requires a couple of skilled people who like to do this kind of thing. Making games like Final Fantasy 12 on the PS2, that requires cash, not making fun old-school games.
Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
Part of the fun of nostalgia is/was that it is representative of a specific time.
And that doesn't apply to everyone. There are people who aren't nostalgic, and I'm one of them. When I play a game, the only thing that matters is that I think the game is fun, and some old games are still fun to play.
Originally Posted by asm1 View Post
To be honest, sticking with the 680x0 architecture is EXTREMELY limiting - yes its compatible, and yes there are proposed improvements but it is still OLD architecture and cannot compete with today's expectations.
At least it will be easy to program for. Also, sticking some Intel or risc cpu in the thing will mean it requires emulation, well, we already have that.
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