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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Anyone any idea what size & pitch screws a MK1 Saturn has? I took mine to bits a few years ago to fit Region & 60Hz switches & a modchip. Finally got round to doing it (pictures to follow if anyone is interested) and I've misplaced them.
Last year, shortly before GameStation pulled out of the retro-gaming business, I bought a secondhand MK1 Saturn console from a local branch but it was seriously faulty so I returned it (whereupon they exchanged it for an immaculate, boxed MK2 ).

I visited that shop again today and enquired whether they had any remaining old stock consoles from that time, whether working or not, but it seems they have no Saturns, unfortunately.

I realize it was a long shot, but I figured that if they had kept that old console, I might have been able to pick it up for next to nothing, and that would have provided you with an entire screw set (I'm good like that ).

Now, the obvious question is that I have two MK2 Saturns and could strip one of those and provide you with the information relating to the MK2 screw set, but how useful would that be to you?

If you wish, I could take some pics of a partially stripped MK2 console to help you make that decision.
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