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Thanks, HighGFX and HD270 will be added!

I also thought about Contribs. I am currently working on Picasso96 2.5b, which is Picasso96 2.1b with Matay(Prometheus) stuff + UAE rtg.library + some other obscure updates i came across. I also found that WarpOS 4.3 can be included (which is also WarpOS 4.2 + Frank Wille updates).
So basically i found the following software usefull for a Contrib:

-WarpOS 4.3a
-Picasso96 2.5b
-AutoUpdate (Automatically updates windows contents)
-OpenURL 7.6
-T.H.E. 1.4
-SFS 1.279
-ClassAction 4.50

What do you think? What else?

PS:Anyway, i will have to look for suggestions which were previously made on this thread, and the thread.
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