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Cheap Amiga-compatible LCD Monitor/TV in Australia

Hello fellow Australians, if any of you are on the look out for a new LCD monitor for your Amiga, there may be a very suitable one coming out at Aldi next week (Monday 21st). I'm hoping that it's one of the models with a built-in flicker fixer, so it would be perfect to use with an RGB-S-Video adapter from AmigaManiac, or even better for Indivisions using HighGFX because it will hopefully show a 1024x768 screen without stretching it, provided you can switch it between 4x3 and 16x9. The native resolution is 1366x768, and it's a widescreen monitor.

I know a lot depends on how it turns out, but Aldi have a good refund policy so if it's no good you can take it back. It's just that every time they have a special this good, they sell out early on the day the sale starts.

Anyway, the monitors are 15.6" black, white or pink HD LCD TVs with built-in HD tuner, S-Video, VGA, HDMI, Component and AV inputs, they have a great energy rating, and they're only $199.

Here's more info if you wanna check them out, I'm planning on getting one so I can give back the monitor I've been borrowing for nearly a year. Thanks Gran for the Christmas money

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