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The programs I use, do not differ among the versions radically. Of course, the Macromedia apps kind of perform better on the mac (since it is teh first platform they are made for, the PC versions are ports), but both are functionally the same. This is great. Why? Two main issues:

1) Having different stuff would delve into stupid cpompatibility issues. In a working environment, this is most unwanted.

2) You can easily move from development in one platform to the other, and you can develop indistinctly for one platform or the other, and do cross-development! Little example here: let's say, I have 3 macs and one PC in my studio, and I hire 4 design blokes, and put 3 on the Macs and one on the PC... (obvious :P)... I let them work there for some time, get used to, say, Fireworks MX... After a couple of weeks I take one Mac designer and make him swap places with the PC fiend. I have automatically lost two in the team because they will have to spend a couple extra weeks getting used to the new platform, all because the same program differs in both machines! (if this was indeed true, Fireworks MX is identical in both Mac and PC platforms)

Now I dont know which program/s are you talking about Fredster, perhaps a Microsoft product is not a very good example . But if there really are important working differences, they might not be so good. Might not be so noticeable in graphic editing programs though, the more options the better.

I presume Photoshop 6 on the Mac and the PC are functionally equal, only that the Mac version is so much better to use because of the increased performance (and the ease of use of its interface too, maybe). I'd like to know more anyway.
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