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A fellow Scot... welcome

I cant really add to what Graham and Cammy have said. Getting an A1200 expanded (doing it yourself), making it work and finding out why it doesn't is both terribly frustrating and rewarding at the same time. And it WILL change the way you think about computing.

I agree, - An A1200 With CF and an 030 is a nice start. 120GB is too much storage - the Operating system takes less than 100 MB

If you can find one (as they seem to be out of stock atm) The indivision Scandoubler/Flickerfixer is a nice addition. Whilst it is not quite a "graphics card" as such, it will allow you to plug your A1200 into a shiny new LCD/Flat Panel/ or not so new PC VGA monitor of your choice.... with no problem. Remember the A1200 was designed to plug into TV's, and whilst that is bearable to some, it is rather "nasty" to others.

The indivision was the first thing I bought - before I even got an Amiga. My Obsession (not to mention my CC bill ) spiralled from then on...

You have the right idea with the Easy ADF /CF kit - that and a cheap USB card reader will allow you to transfer stuff PC>Amiga and back again using the A1200 PCMCIA port.

Start with the basics, its a steep enough learning curve as it is. I'm nowhere near done having just got into the Amiga this year .

But yes, I am now putting together an Ez Tower - it isn't something I would have relished when I just started out and in many ways I am still and frustrated when things don't work . Often what seems simple, and in fact IS simple has you tearing your hair out just because you have not learnt enough about the subtleties of the Amiga and how it works compared to what you are used to doing with a modern PC/Mac.

Be prepared for lots of swearage . Especially when you start getting your Credit Card bills

All the best

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