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Re: Wishful thinking?

Originally posted by IanS
They are still with the Amiga, the Videotoaster is UNIQUE and unmatched in any other system. Miro?Matrox? My arse.
Do you think, for example, that Macromedia products would be different enough on the A1 to justify dumping the Wintel box?
Here I stop understanding you. Why is it that you want the AmigaOne for? just to play Quake? Even if the programs are THE SAME (they should be the same! Their Mac versions are equal to the PC versions) it would still be the better platform, if only for the superior OS. I choose an AmigaOS/Motorola powered machine to any Wintel piece of shite anyday.

I really DON'T understand your point now, the last few posts you have buried your initial statement 100 feet underground! Mind elucidating it?
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